This SWR Fundraiser topic was tabled at the April Board of Governor’s Meeting; a decision cannot wait until the September Meeting. There will be a Convention Warm-Up event at NOLA, you as Governors will decide how the SWR Sanctions will be utilized.


Traditional Fundraiser Event: these events are typically a low-cost to host to provide maximum profits for the region.  The previous discussions have been around holding the entry cost to very conservative number to draw a maximum number of participants.


We have been seeking a new location to host a fundraiser. We are currently in discussion with a possible new venue however it hasn’t materialized yet. If it doesn't, that leaves us with MW and there are only three dates available.


• The 9/30-10/1 date is currently occupied by an event in Edmond
• The 11/4-5 date is available – 2 weeks before another club’s event at MW.
• The 12/2-3 date has been spoken for by Jerry for a Convention Warm-Up / Fundraiser – see below.


Convention Warm-Up / Fundraiser Event: Jerry & Bernyce (our 2018 Convention Chairpersons) have planned a 2018 Convention Warm-Up / Regional Fundraiser at NOLA for the first Weekend in December. This is a typical weekend to build support for the 2018 Convention plus it will possibly raise some operating funds for the region. The cost of hosting this weekend in New Orleans is considerably higher than that of a "typical fundraiser weekend"; thus the profits for the region could potentially be lower than a "traditional Fundraiser". Jerry has stated that he feels they can pull enough non-SWR NCCC sanctions to host this event. Our option as a region (you as a Governor" would be to apply the 14 donated SWR sanctions towards this event and to forgo hosting a separate "traditional SWR Fundraiser" event.

Proposed Convention Warm-Up Schedule of activitities

• Friday, 12/1/17 – NOLA would host a high-speed track event – open to anyone with a car, no cost to the region.  This is the road course that would host the High-Speed Convention event.
• Saturday, 12/2/17 – 7 NCCC sanctioned low-speed autocross on the NOLA Autocross Pad
• Sunday, 12/3/17 – 7 NCCC sanctioned low-speed autocross on the NOLA Autocross Pad

Fundraiser What-Ifs
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